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Default Stream skips even thought I have sufficient upload speeds.

Alright so my problem is that for whatever reason my stream lags.

Here are two tests I have taken to get my speeds.

Computer Specs:
i5 2500k
GTX 560 Ti
8gb 1600 RAM
Windows 7 64bit

Before you say anything, when I watch the preview it plays perfectly.

All of this is at 1280 by 720.

When I use procaster and set it to 1000 it goes past 1000 and procaster says, "Please turn down the quality, internet too slow." But it isn't. These tests say I have a 5-6mbit Upload so why is it saying my internet is too slow when it isn't even near my cap? When I stream using xSplit I pretty much get the same results. I have tried testing every server and plenty of different settings and I can only get it to play smoothly if it has artifacts all over the stream. Also I have tried using FME & VHCAP but that just doesn't want to work for me for whatever reason. In FME it just comes up purple and shows part of FME in the preview. So yeah, is there something blocking my internet and not allowing full speeds to be uploaded or something?

Please help!
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Do you have any type of firewall enabled on your system/network and is this a shared connection? Please make certain you have access through ports 80 and 1935 open.

Livestream Support
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