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Default Livestream splitting stream into several videos

I have it set so that my streams get recorded and saved to my channel's library, but I've realized that my stream is saved as a series of videos, each of varying length.
Is there any way for me to have the stream saved to my channel without it being chopped into a bunch of videos (which consequently are ordered from most recent to least, which is confusing)?

I do have the streams saved to the My Videos folder, as well, and they are saved as a single video file each time. Yes, I know that I can upload the single-video stream, but it seems like an unnecessary amount of work when, by all accounts, my stream should be saved as a single video on my channel.
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Default LiveStream Splitting Video into Short Segments

I've experienced this problem recently, and it is devastating to a serious video producer who has important information to provide to the public.

If I am unable to locate a solution within the next few hours, I will go around the issue in the following way.

1) I have a screen recording software called "BB Flashback Express Recorder" and may try to upload a video from my computer. I am cautious about this, because we can only assume it is a problem with the podcast recorder. It may be hacked up by the processing program. If my "BB Flashback Express Recorder" video is ALSO hacked up, the problem would then be with the upload utility, or the program that processes the video.

2) The second solution I plan to try, is to upload a video I've created on YouTube. If the YouTube video is handled differently, I may go that rout. I would record with "BB Flashback Express..." - Upload my video to YouTube - Upload my YouTube video to my Live Stream channel.

3) There is a possibility that the processor of the HD content is unable to manage such large files, and this may be due to a buffer setting. I don't know if a buffer adjustment is in the software for the user to change, or the programmer of the HD content needs to increase the buffer for the HD video processing. If there is a maximum limit on how much data can be processed, this needs to be explained to the LiveStream video producer. I would keep any HD content under 1 minute until this problem is resolved (seems to only be a problem with HD content) I don't believe I've experienced medium, or high quality (just under HD) result in hacked up video segments.

Hope this helps, and it would be nice if the LiveStream tech. guys/gals would explain what's going on with all this.

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Default Livestream Splitting Video into Small Segments - Possible Answer

I went into the settings area of the live "Podcaster" and noticed a maximum upstream of 500Kbps, I went over to my desired recording setting and discovered it to be over that amount by a factor of 4.

This 500Kbps is a maximum for those who are using the free LiveStream feature.

It is my understanding that if you wish to increase the quality, you will need to pay for that ability.


I don't see any buffer setting on Podcaster, it is designed to FIRST AND FOREMOST allow you to GO LIVE. I don't believe the recording function is its main priority, it is more of a convenience for the user.

I've cut my framerate down from 25 to 15 frames a second. I've done this because all I am doing is showing static images while discussing the information provided within those images. I will log my experience with this trial and error attempt and finding a compromise between quality, freebie, and without a video chopped up into small segments.

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When using Procaster, you are able to select any quality setting. The 500kbps limit is only for uploads via Studio and encoding done with other software (Wirecast, FMLE, etc).

9 out of 10 times, the issue you are experiencing is attributed to insufficient upload bandwidth. What quality setting are broadcasting at? Also, please take a speed test to New York, NY at newyork.speedtest.net and include a screenshot of your result. Please note your chosen quality setting should be at least 500kbps less than your upload bandwidth result.
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