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Default Rss Feeds How Do They Work?

Hi, I'm Bob
I'm a new user, I have helped six fellow garden train fans set up personal channels that feature trains in their back yards. (RioGram, NoelW, etc)
I also have a personal garden railroad channel. (theALLY)

We set up a Common Channel (TRAINS), where we all get together and conduct tours of all our garden railroads. We have eight producers so far, with as many as five producers, 10 computers and up to 15 cameras in the studio at one time.

I spent the last month helping all these friends set up their cameras and mogulus. Not an easy task as they are is 5 different states.

Each garden railroader runs their own channel. We set up logos and graphics to include a common theme. You might say they are "Network Affiliates" of the (TRAINS) Network.

Once a week, we want to do a TOUR of all the garden railroads using the (TRAINS) channel.
Each participating producer puts up a graphic on their personal channel directing their viewers to the (TRAINS) channel. They then log into the TRAINS studio.
We plan to devote a half hour live segment to each of the featured garden railroads.
The emphases is on answering questions from viewers via chat, phone lines and even some video Internet calls.


Here is my FIRST problem.

Producers may need to play a clip they have recorded on their personal channel on the TRAINS channel in order to answer a question.

How do I set up RSS so that any new clips they have added to their personal channels will be available in the studio of the TRAINS channel during the tour?

Second Problem.

Each personal garden train channel will promote the TRAIN channel. We will produce spots to advertise upcoming tours, clinics, conventions, etc that will be live on the TRAINS channel.
How do I set up RSS so we can distribute these spots (clips or storyboards) to all the member channels from the TRAIN channel. ( Can they be inserted into the auto pilot? )

Sorry, but I'm a novice to RSS feeds, so very basic instructions will be needed.

Bob Grosh

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