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Default Stream protocol was modified on July 4th?


today I asked a question here ..

.. and I wanted to know, weather the livestream.com admins
changed the stream protocol on July 4th.

Henry_live (from Livestream Support) avoided to answer
my question in detail. Instead he locked my entire
thread, and because the livestream.com forum doesn't
support private mails between users I couldn't send him
a private mail after my thread was locked.

For that reason I want to ask the question
again: did the livestream.com administrators
modify the stream protocol on July 4th?

Remark: I didn't and I don't ask for support
how to record streams.
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No policies were changed yesterday. As Henry said we do not support GrabPro or other downloaders/grabbers. Livestream content is only available for download by the channel owner.

Livestream Producer Support
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Hmm, it's strange. Today (friday) it's like it was originally on monday (July 4th). I have changed nothing on my pc during the four days.

-Perhaps the admin who feeds the stream in the german town "Stuttgart" changed the streaming computer, or changed the streaming protocol for a period of four days.
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