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Angry No sound when screen streaming

I haven't managed to to get any sound on my streams sins the beginning!!!! The Vidio is fine but there isn't any sound. I have looked at as many options as possible, and it is suppose to work!!!! Does anyone have the same problem as me??? And please can someone help me??!?!?! DX When I open the options for Audio in procaster I get the flowing message:

Please make sure your 'What you hear'/'stereo mix' is selected in control panel -> Audio

I don't know if every one gets that, but how the heck can you select the audio in your control panel!?!?! DX I have tried everything!!!! (that's at least what I think XD) I really don't get it. I know that it's a possibility that my sound software is old, I did a update search but it wasn't anything new available. I use REALTEC HD audio mixer. and that might be old.
In the procaster mixer there are no signs of sound, except from the "quiet" buzzing sound.

Yeah I tried to explain as good as I can, hope I can get some help with this
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Which windows version are you using? If you are using Windows XP, you need to loop back your audio back into your pc to have sound captured from your desktop/game.
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problems with sound, screen streaming

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