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Default Massive slow down on Broadcast Start with WoW

today i tried to continue my live broadcasting for World of Warcraft in window mode. I did it the last days without any noticable problems. Now i want to go on, but ...

On Broadcast start, my PC slows down and nearly freezes. CPU and hard disk usage (maybe on swap file) stack up enormously. Music playing in background starts to lag. Procaster claims 250 MB of physical memory and gets more and more .. FPS ingame slows down to 1-2. The pc is out of use until i kill procaster manually, then after a while everything is fine.

I tried two other games (Trackmania United, World of Warcraft Test Server). No problems either.

So, what issue could that be? Only in WoW such horrible slow downs?
Would be glad if someone could help.

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Are there any options in Wow for you the clear the game cache? Sounds like the problem lies with WoW itself. Installed anything new? Addons etc?
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Seems that there are serious problems when running WoW in DirectX 11 Mode. Does not work at all along with Procaster for me. DirectX 9 works fine without problems.
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sigmatex, I get confused, are you capturing in Desktop Mode or in Game Mode, if you are using Desktop Mode, it shouldn't matter for the game because it doesn't hook into the game at that point.
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