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Smile Hello Rockers

My name is Oblisgr and I have made two new music rooms in Livestream.com
They are new but i hope that they will get more viewers soon.

ROCK HEART (www.livestream.com/rockheart)

A room dedicated to classic & modern rock and heavy metal music. Over 13 hours of database and keep growing. I m tring to put as many videoclips as i can with almost equal quality.

My future plan on this channel, includes live rock music shows and some boardgame and
RPG presentations from my team in Greece. Also there is certain group in FACEBOOK where people can ask the songs they love and I will add them.

ON ROCK (www.livestream.com/greekrock)

This room is dedicated to Greek Rock music. This kind of music was very popular in Greece at 80 & 90s but now is fading out. Over 10 hours of music. With this room i m trying to make the older to remember and the younger to know more for this.

My future plans for this room is to make live rock shows and add some Animal-friedly messages, as i cooperate with Greek Animal-Friendship web sites. My plan for this is to make as many people as i can to be more sensitive toward animal rights.

Unfortunatelly the language of songs are greek but music is always music eh?

I m also member of a bigger music community in the following greek site:
that intoduces livestream rooms with more kinds of music.
Really worth to take a look...

I m glad to be a member of this huge Livestreaming community.
Nice to meet you...

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Default Hello

good for you. nice one. Congratulations!

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hi mate good luck with this but be carefull of the copyright rules or you could be in trouble
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