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Default Saving Recordings / Remote playlist

1: in the Procaster options menu it is possible to save recordings to the harddrive. By default this goes into the "my video's" folder,, it would be great, and much appriciated if there was an option to set a different directory.

since the recordings can take up much space. id, rather set the directory to a external harddrive. or maybe even to a harddrive on my network (NAS)

moving the files every time is really anoying.

2: also, an option to choose which recorded file to save? i record in High-medium-mobile
after saving i have 3 different files (high,med and mobile)
The option to only save High and/or medium and/or Mobile would be great.

3: an option to stream Videofiles that are located in a specific folder> like the auto pilot, but then local, without having to open the studio and putting them in the aautopilot playlist.
it would be great if there was an option to "stream" pre-recorded files from the harddrive to livestream. (what we could then call, offline mode.)

just to make it clear heres an example:
lets say i have:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
and im not streaming live. the option to click on these files and say "stream to livestream"
and that this action turns off the autopilot and plays the Videofiles on my channel without "recording" live)
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Thanks h0mes for your suggestions, we have written them down and we will discuss them.
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Default Sweet :)

no, thank you !!
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saving video

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