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Default Missing/broken recordings

I've have several problems with Livestream over the past few months I have used it. This is the first time I have tried doing streaming, and it has been a rather disappointing experience. I will probably be switching to another streaming site in the near future. But as for what brought me here...

First of all, I want to make a note of the fact that when my connection fails, Livestream will only sometimes save the clip that I had recorded up to that point without my consent. I like this, as it is basically a recovery system. But often times, my connection drops, and everything just disappears. Why?

Another problem I'm really upset about is that several clips just don't save and/or "cannot be retrieved" from the servers...as if they never happened. I have several clips that were not saved properly, and with no good reason; I know when to blame my ISP, and 90% of the time that this happens, it is not the result of my sometimes-intermittent connection. The clips just don't work. Why?

And more recently (and most importantly), I have several videos that I have recorded in the past few weeks that suddenly vanished today; I only have two of the videos that I had saved since April 19th. There is no one else on my production team, nor do I know anyone who I would put on my production team that would randomly delete clips, so this is definitely not a fault of mine. A lot of these videos were things that I wanted to hold onto so I could show people later, but now they're just gone. Why?

So why am I having so much trouble with this on-demand stuff? Am I the only one? Does anyone have any answers?

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Hey Futil1ty,

I'm sorry to hear of the trouble you've had with our platform. When your connection drops, it causes problems with the recording process. We always recommend saving a copy of each broadcast locally, as it is the best way to ensure backup. You can save your broadcasts locally by navigating to the Desktop tab of Procaster's preferences, and checking "Save video to file (My videos folder)". This way if any connection issues arise during your stream, you'll be able to simply upload the local .mp4.

To your second point about failed recordings, server side recording is a new technology. It's generally reliable (successful over 98% of the time), but a small percentage of the time (under 2%) recordings fail for reasons outside of our control. We're always working to improve server-side recording, and this ratio should continue to get better. However recording locally is still important as we can't guarantee a 100% success rate.

In regards to your videos being deleted, this may've happened because you have over 10GB of content - which is the limit for free channels. Please open a support ticket referencing this thread so that we can discuss:


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