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Default Canon vixia and BMD ultrastudioexpress


I am going to order a new Blackmagic ultrastudioexpress . I have a new macbookpro 15" i7 2,3 quad 16Gb ram. IŽd like to know if the new canon vixia line HF R36-38 or M 52/56 are appropiate for livestream events. Any suggestion about cameras would be nice. Procaster sees Atem TVstudio, IŽd like to know if I can stream with procaster from ultrastudioexpress card


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The cameras you've mentioned should work with our platform, however you can see a list of suggested cameras in our store.

As the UltraStudio Express has yet to release we have not tested with it, so there is a good chance it will function properly however I cannot say for certain. I'd recommend the Intensity Extreme for HDMI and the UltraStudio 3D for HD-SDI; both tested to work properly and available in our store.
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ULtrastudio 3d is nice but it canŽt see two cameras for switching on wirecast. I am searching for a solution for a macbookpro to switch two cameras.


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If you're using a Thunderbolt based Mac you might consider using a Blackmagic Quad in a Sonnet or Magma PCIe to Thunderbolt chassis. I've heard of one person doing that successfully with the Sonnet chassis.

Blackmagic would have to modify their driver to allow one Thunderbolt input per port if you have a MBP Retina with two ports. Please ask them so they know there's demand for changing their driver.

TVS would also work with a Blackmagic Thunderbolt input device into Wirecast.
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