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Default Mogulus not recognizing my Logitech Cam

All of the sudden, my Logitech camera is not showing up as an option in the cam dropdown menu. It DOES show up as a microphone source though. Any ideas what could be wrong?
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Old 16th February 2009, 00:25
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sorry, I dont know about that. try using FME. maybe it can work there.
Btw, I wonder were is the staff of mogulus that are suppose to help us with issues...
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Old 20th March 2009, 12:42
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Angry Logitech Vision Pro not showing up with MacBook

I am having the same problem. I just purchased the Logitech Vision Pro webcam because it was recommended on the Mogulus website for preferred webcams. The Logitech does not show up as a video option, only audio. The built in iSight keeps showing instead. Why would Mogulus recommend this webcam if it doesn't work?

My iSight camera works fine for live broadcasting but not with music. The built in mic clips and sound is distorted when broadcasting a live music show.

Any help anyone for getting the Logitech webcam to view in Mogulus?
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