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Default What are the site policies on nudity in video games?

An increasing number of video games these days include much more mature themes such as nudity, sex, and large amounts of swearing. Some times, people who stream these games are not aware of the content beforehand.

My question is what is the livestream policy on nudity within video games, such as popular titles like Grand Theft Auto 4, which features full frontal male nudity and female nudity, and Mass Effect and the Witcher which both feature not only nudity but sex?

It isn't just the big titles that include these things as draws for adrenaline pumped youth. Absolutely brilliant games such as indie title "The Void" also includes female nudity in a purely artistic sense.

I was under the impression that having a stream tagged for older audiences would mean such content would be allowed, but was recently told otherwise. Some clarification on the subject would be nice, as it appears to be a gray area. Obviously, I imagine pure pornography is banned (I could be wrong there too, I guess), so I am mostly just concerned with games that happen to include these things. I also am not entirely sure this is the place to ask this.
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Nudity is prohibited on Livestream. I recommend reviewing our terms of use:
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The terms of service did not address my overall question (it cleared up certain parts of it, but ignored the majority), as it only refers to what is strictly pornographic or obscene. If anything it just made me more confused. No mention of a total ban on nudity or the human form is mentioned or implied.

There is a very large difference between the types of nudity I am discussing and pornography. PG-13 is not the same as NC-17.

Note: I'm not arguing, I'm merely clarifying as I feel you do not understand what I was originally asking.
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