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Unhappy Certain Videos won't encode/ some only encode a few minutes. Fix?

Me and my friend have uploaded a bunch of movies onto our channel, and a few of them just refuse to encode, at all, day or night, ever. I've recently been uploading a tv series, and the episodes are 45 minutes long, and they do encode, and take as long as they should to upload, but they're too quick to encode, and even if I reupload I consistently only get 2-3 minutes out of some episodes, with a max of around 26 minutes. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Some codec mogulus prefers?

Is there any way I can take these movies that refuse to encode and the tv show that encodes incorrectly and recode them to another codec so they work correctly? Anyone have any ideas?

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I notice some things will Fail to Encode, yet I could upload the SAME video to say Megavideo, and it will work just fine.
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