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Default view reports and VOD


I was looking in the forum and faq but I didn't find the answer to my question that is:
Video on demand go in the view reports minutage and bandwith use?
That is..all that numbers include only the on-air or everything?

thank you
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i would like to know as well. I notice that my minutes viewed per 24 hours has not increased in amount from having 100, then 200, then 300 users. I still roughly get 250,000 a day or so. Seems wrong to have the same average with a 200% increase in viewers. And to be clear, the number of people I'm stating relative to the minutes per day is the number always on. IE, When 100-150 are on for 24 hours or 200-250 or 250-300. The minutes just don't seem to go up accordingly.

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The viewer minutes number includes all content watched on your channel regardless of whether it is viewed as VOD, in Auto-pilot or live.

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