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Exclamation Need to recover a twitcam

The thing is I really need to recover a twitcam what I did on July 5th at 15.00 (GTM -4) the energy went out and couldn't save it, the link was supposedto be saved is http://twitcam.com/5k8s3 and is very important to me to get it. If someone on livestream support could help me soon I'll aprecciate that. The twitcam was a forum about education In Chile and was many important people there, so is vital for my work to get that streaming. Thanks a lot and I really hope an answer

By the way My english is very poor, hope you don't care.
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Please open a support ticket here and we can try to assist you:


Livestream Producer Support
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Default Twitcam bug chat

Originally Posted by leelom View Post
Not sure what's going on here, maybe you guys can help, hope it's the right forum. Somehow all my messages on twitcam chats get lost and disappear without a trace. I just can't use the chat! >:|. I've already tried using another account, another browser, refreshing the page several times, login out and in again and again, etc., and still the messages won't appear, though they do appear on my twitter profile. What should I do? Is it a bug or something?
Hi, i got exactly the same, seems that twitt cam don't work at all lately... and can't find a trace of bug report beside your post... please let me know if you got an answer soon or late....
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Old 22nd August 2011, 08:37
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We are currently investigating this issue. It may be related to a Twitter API problem.

Thank you for your patience.

Rick Stern
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Angry stop add ons on init video streaming

your intros to all volume destroyed my speakers (high).Please stop to do this!
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Default Video recorded but not available (Twitcam)

Hi everyone,
Last Friday i had my first experience with a live Twitcam.
Everithing was Ok, but after streaming y Saved Video and i can't play it now.
When i log in to my profile i can see the file but when i click PLAY button it appears "Sorry, this clip is not available"

Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone help me please?


Thanks! Santiago
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did u ever get this fixed, cuz it doesnt work still for me. my tweets disappear from twitcam, and go on my profile. what do u do???????!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Default lost twitcam

a friend of mine is in a band who frequently did twitcams, and saved them, however he then changed his twitter username, so the twitcams saved are now unavailable, is there anyway to retrieve them?
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Has your friend tried changing his twitter handle back to the original name which he recorded his clips on?
Livestream Support
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Default ernie

no i haven'y I'll try it,

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