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Default Possible to completely disable hotkeys?

Procaster just rendered two of my videos pretty much pointless since it decided to switch camera views...despite me having only one camera. The culprit? Hotkeys. There are a few games that use ctrl and number keys. Is there any way to shut this off entirely?

I don't want them reassigned. I don't want this to EVER go off by accident. I hit ctrl and it deleted the hotkey listing in the options, but then it complained that multiple hotkeys were set to the same thing.

Is there any way to entirely disable hotkeys? Not reassign. Disable.
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Originally Posted by vaporousTippler View Post
Is there any way to entirely disable hotkeys?
It isn't possible to disable hotkeys, vaporousTippler. However I'll bring this request to the attention of our dev team.

Best, Jason
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This needs to happen, same case here.
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Yes, the only way to disable it at the moment, is by hacking it with Ollydbg, If this interests you, download www.ollydbg.de, and I will give you the offsets.. it is quite annoying though, when I have the time, if the dev's dont fix it by then, I will try to write a .exe file to hack it for us because quite honestely, all they have to do is Disable the "DUPLICATE HOTKEY" section of their code, and allow ALL hotkeys to be stacked into a single key we never use...

Thats how I do it lol, I make a breakpoint in the debugger, and it skips over.
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Noted this feature request and put it down for 3x.

thiagocosta85, this is not advisable, since you could break more than you bargin for. Also, pending on the location where you live, doing what you do is illegal.
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Well, it's not like I am charging for it... But when I am streaming me and my team on Starcraft 2, we all know every second is very crucial in the game... so then we accidently hit a key, BOOM stream has been interrupted, changed, zoomed, blablabla, well, I don't see anything wrong with simply disabling a popup screen, and skiiping a loop.

So quite honestly, I am not too worried. lol

Just call the developers, and tell them to KINDLY add an option (DISABLE HOTKEY) ... disable all the KEYDOWN events should be enough. lol they will know.

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