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Red face Streaming formats and issues


I need some help understanding a few basic principles of LiveStream, our channel today was stuttering terribly and still is, we’ve tried it on several remote computers using good broadband connection.

1. We have had the channel set to HD with HD videos uploaded which LiveStream had converted into FLV files with an average bitrate of 1200kbs (which is fine as the channel caters up to 1500kbs)

2. Today as the channel was stuttering I lowered the channel setting to 700 and re-uploaded a video this time LiveStream converted the file to a FLV with an average bitrate of 830kbs which is well over the channel rate which would obviously cause playback problems.... why is it higher?

3. One of our files in the library is MP4 converted by LiveStream from HD and runs perfectly its bitrate is 450kbs, how can i convert choose MP4 over FLV when uploading? And why did this one file out of 10 become MP4 and not FLV?

4. Colleagues testing the site remotely around the country tell me the library videos play fine (they’re all HD) but the stream is awful

Any help and clarification would be appreciated

Many thanks

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2. In the support ticket that you opened, can you please let me know which video you had the issue with? I'd like to investigate the file.

3. If you'd like your files transcoded in .mp4 format, you should change your channel's quality settings to Normal H264 beta or High H264 beta.

It will be best if I can investigate your inquiries on a case by case basis and also run some testing, so in the future I'll respond to your support ticket rather than in the forum

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