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Default Help!! Cant find frequency..and cant log into studio

My player all of a sudden isn't working today. It just loads and says "Cant find frequency".
I also cant log into my "STUDIO"..it says "unable to connect" after loading for 2 min.
I have a live show tonight.. PLEASE help.
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Old 28th January 2009, 12:28
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Default HAd the same issue

Had the same issue and then after a couple hours worked again.. You can't charge for something this inconsistent
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Old 14th February 2009, 20:53
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Default Same here

I get this same problem occassionally. About 3 weeks ago I couldnt log in for several hours. Once I was able to get logged in, nothing on my board was working. Monitor, auto pilot, nothing. Oddly enough though, I went to my page and the videos that were on auto pilot were playing. I just couldnt use my studio.
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Old 15th February 2009, 11:50
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Default Funny Service Health ...

Hi! ...

Same problem here today ... nothing working ...

Itīs funny that the "Service Health" link show all OK most of the time ... looks like nothing happen ... Mogulus always show all services ... "Service is operating normally" ... Even when nothing is working "normally"

Someone update that "Service Health" ? ... what is the point of that?

hope to see all really working again ...

And i agree, how dare you to charge for a "Pro plan" with services that still very very BETA as we read on the Mogulus Studio login page...

Anyway i trust in Mogulus and still been the best for this kind of service out there ...

Hopefully Beta label will dissapear some day ...

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Angry Auto-Pilot Will Not Show Up, Can't Get into Studio

When I go to view my channel, every other time, the videos load, and I am dropped into the middle of a show, but not today. Today, I just get the gray screen. So, I try to find out what's going on by entering the studio, but the little box refuses to come up. What is going on? I can get into account & channels perfectly, but everything else is a struggle. And I thought my problems were over. First, I had a channel and Mogulus lost my info, then decided not to give it back. I lost a channel, now I have another one, and it won't play right. This is the same day that I have launched my channel's first original program. Bull**** all the way around!
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Your login issues were caused by the number saved YouTube searches present within your Media Library. After you search for content, you should delete the search results. Accumulating YouTube searches can slow down the Mogulus Studio, and in some cases prevent producers from logging in if you are not on a high speed connection.

If you continue to experience issues, feel free to contact us at info@mogulus.com

Rick Stern
Producer Support

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