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Default What if you do not have a domain!

Hello anyone,

I apologise for my deep ignorance of the web but I need some clarification because
I am a software developer with little experience of web stuff like this.

When you want to use the the HTM API in practise you want to exploit the following
prepackage flash application


by embedding it into a html page that you prepare as expalined here


this page is actually a html file that has a proper javascrip function in it which is
actually some dynamic code that lets you download that palyer playerapi.swf
from http://cdn.livestream.com/chromelessPlayer/v20/ into the page itself

Of course you have to host this html file somewhere to let users reach it
but here there is the problem with the developer key! In order for the player.swf
to work you have to prepare the object setting this developer key field like

player.setDevKey('YOUR DEVKEY');

In practice this developer key was generated when you, the developer, registered for the
use of the Player API by giving the URL where you would host the html file. Hence, this
key is a way for the player component to check that it is actually on the domain that the
key value is associated with.

Here is what the site say when you register for a developer key
You will need to generate an API key to use our Player API. Enter your website URL in the field below when asked. (Your application must be hosted at this domain, but can be embedded on any website.)

But, what about the situation in which you do not have a domain name where to host the
the html page. What about when you want the html file to be on your hard drive?

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If you embed playerapi.swf directly from cdn.livestream.com it won't ask you for a dev key so you'll be alright.
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Hi There,

I am very keen to get input from you guys on the following issue.

I am using adobe connect for live webinars.
Adobe connect only let you use your build in or external webcam to stream livefeed and also the quality that it's out puts is very poor.
I really would like to be able to stream high quality livedfeed through Adobe connect, at the moment what I do is I use Dazzel box to fool the PC into thinking it has a Webcam connected, so that way we can have our Tricaster streamed into Adobe. How I mentioned, the video and sound quality is very poor and the viewer is unable to read text or diagram slides.

So what I am trying to do/did is build a customised livestream player (using the flash api) that picks up our channel from livestream and I can share that in abode connect as a pod (AC let you share swf files). So that way we can have high quality vid in various sizes.
Which in fairy would work, but unfortunately the problem I am running into is the developer key that is required to be generated.
I would not like to host my swf on the web, all I want to do is share in the Adobe Connect environment from a local machine.

Have you got any idea if that would be possible or how can we have a dev key that doesn't require a web host URL?

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