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Default yes there is a new version! SWFObject 2.0

javascript for friends
yes there is a new version! SWFObject 2.0

New features is even a beta version 2.2 for download on the Internet
what can you do with extra

◾ quality - The quality you wish your Flash movie to play at. If no quality is specified, the default is "high".
◾ xiRedirectUrl - If you would like to redirect users who complete the Express Install upgrade, you can specify an alternate URL here
◾ redirectUrl - If you wish to redirect users who do not have the correct plug-in version, use this parameter and they will be redirected.
◾ detectKey - This is the url variable name the SWFObject script will look for when bypassing the detection. Default is "detect flash. Example: To bypass the Flash detection and simply write the Flash movie to the page, you could add detect flash = false to the url of the document containing the Flash movie?

Are many more options with the new 2.2 version you can STILL download is still in a beta stage
so you can change background color instead of the black, you can now choose your own color

such as: var so = new SWFObject ("movie.swf", "mymovie", "200", "100", "6.0.65", "# 336699");

and thus more opportunities the beta version is now out

sorry for me english'm Dutch and use a translation program

url is version 2.2 beta

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