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Default Browsers crash before studio can open

On an Intel iMac osx10.4 firefox and safari vanish without warning after choosing a channel and before the studio can open. no messages, the browsers just crash and vanish. i've tried trashing the plists and restarting, and unhooking all peripheral devices.

pls help, any ideas?
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Yeah, I have the exact same problem. Even the Mogulus front page makes me crash - I had to get to the forums by typing the URL in manually. Anyone have any ideas?
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Wink My Experience with this problem

I won't go into a lot of details but Ben at Mogulus helped me by suggesting I look at the details of the error report which indicated right at the top which file on my computer was causing the problem. In my case I was using a program called Enosoft DV Processor Unlicensed version, a program that creates exceptional DV output back to the camera. However at some point I must have configured my webcam to access it and forgotten... and Mogulus Studio was crashing upon opening in ANY Browser I would try!

In any case doing a search on my computer I found that the associated file shown in the Microsoft error box that was causing the problem was enonetdvrx.dll and after a Search on my computer I could see that it was related to the Enosoft folder in my Program Files... rather than reconfigure Enosoft I uninstalled it and suddenly Mogulus Studio was able to load properly. I will re-install Enosoft and check carefully that I do not associate my webcam with it.

The uninstallation routine removed the problem Mogulus Studio was having with this particular dll (enonetdvrx.dll) --- I suspect that working with a lot of video software as we do as producers, a lot of us will install, test and try different software, in this case it took me a long time to source this.. but thanks to Ben I looked specifically at the error details and found the problem. Normally I when I get that Microsoft error screen I tend to click Send or close it before really analysing what it is trying to say in the details mainly because it is generally quite incomprehensible. But the main problem seemed revealed right at the top.

Hopes this helps anyone else getting these out of the blue* sudden Studio crashes when logging in and Thanks Ben for the hint.
I should mention that I am running Mogulus on and Dell XPS M1710 laptop with Windows XP SP3.

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