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Default Getting more audience on my livestream (suggestions)?

Hello everyone,

I have setup and verified my new livestream account (www.livestream.com/gamelab) and was wondering how I can get more of an audience? I have tried posting on twitter/recording lots of hours and playing it on auto-pilot and setting good keynames for my game-streaming, I notice some channels have anywhere from 20-150 viewers. Yet I have none all the time.

Any suggestions would be great. I am currently streaming call of duty and starcraft 2 and private betas that would be of interest to many.


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Playing tic tac toe 24 hours a day will draw nobody.

I can't imageine watching anyone else playing a single player game being anything but boreing. Like watching a rock in the desert.

Watching multi player games that don't have good players is a close second. Like watching moss grow on a rock.

First, there needs to be some advantage that the viewers get by watching your game.

Second, You need to advertise,,,, in the right place.

I'll come clean on this, I am not a fan of playing games on computers. I have 20 computers on my home network. Not a one has a game installed. The first thing I do to a PC is delete all the windows games.

I enjoy programing. I like to create videos and graphics art. I like to build microprocessors that interact to produce sound, so sound editing and programing interactive sound devices is also an intrest. Also Robotics.

I like to create things on my computers, and learn from them.

Eventually, I used what I had learned and created, and began shareing them with others.
That is when I began using justin, ustream, and Livestream. YouTube is of ZERO interest to me because I wanted video to be interactive, IE LIVE!

For me, the studio feature of Livestream is the most exciting thing on the web. First, I posted to a somewhat active forum on a subject I wanted to share. I actually embedded the channel (with chat) in the forum post. Forum users were not used to Live video. They were taken by suprise when I could tell that they were viewing my channel and I could talk to them live. I quickly gathered five to ten camera operators in the Studio program and we began to share our knowledge. When that happens, you soon get lots of viewers into chat and word spreads through the forums. We then have to promote ourselves on our own show... More Advertising. Always let people know what you will be going in the next show, and when it will be. Eventually I helped others to create their own channels. We had 10 channels about a subject that only had a few thousand people worldwide that were interested.

Looking to get more viewers....
... I sunk to new depths.

I became a game player.
Just one game though, so I am not totaly corrupted.

I really wondered how to get more viewers. The forum I put my first show on, had hundreds of visitors every day.
I checked a few game sites and found they had tens of thousands of players at the same time. And, with in-game chat, I could advertise my video.

WOW, tens of thousands of potential viewers.

I chose a game I thought I could play. One that didn't require a teenagers reactions. (I'm well over 65.)
I picked a free game with lots of players, one where you built up your own town, grew your population, gathered wealth and drafted an army. You could attack, or be attacked.

I joined a small alliance. In a few days the leaders promoted me. In a few weeks I was selected to be the leader of the alliance. Within a month we were the bigest, badest Alliance on the server.

There is only one reason we grew so fast, and became so strong.

!!! The video enabled Teamwork. !!!

Each lower level leader of my Aliance was a camera operator. We had much better communications than all the other Alliances. There was a leader in live video 24hrs a day. We could impliment stratigies that other Aliances coulden't even concieve of. We ran two channels, one to attract new members, and another, embedded on a page that required a password for our Alliance members. We also used twitter to notify members if an enemy approched their city.

So, In that game, there was a compelling reason for the game players to watch our video.
And, an easy way to advertise the video in the chat.

Of course, I'm not a gamer. I quickly found the game boreing and a huge waste of time. I passed the channel and the leadership position to another Aliance member. I did learn a lot about attracting viewers.

So there you have it.
Make sure the video provides some new dimention or capabilty to the gamers. If not that, at lease be real informative. Start by helping newbees. Make the channel educational, not just a place for you to show off your skills.
Advertise it where your audiance will see it. Most games have in-game chat and a forum.

Bob Grosh

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Thanks for the reply, moral of the story - post and embed on forums as much as possible and in time you will get numbers with good content and purpose.
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Absolutely, Use forums, and get a few members as fans. They will then by nature, post links to your channel in the chat rooms on these forums, thus bringing in more members. There is nothing like word of mouth!
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Default How do I invite?

How do i send an invite for people to view my channel?
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The best way to share your channel is to utilize the share function below the player. Through this you're able to share with Facebook, Twitter, Buzz and email.

Matt Baron
Livestream Producer Support
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Originally Posted by geella View Post
please give an answer
mbaron gave the answer. Use the social media functions on your channel page below the player. If you have a problem understanding this please ask a more specific question.
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All go to my stream i play StarCraft broodwar www.livestream.com/FightBW
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You need to have something that other players doesn't have. For example you know a strategy on how to use a race in SC 2 that will finish the game in like 2mins or something or you can have an online tutorial on how to have a mean 100 kill streak on COD:MW3. Use social media to gain popularity
Read More

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I guess you simply have to offer good content in your stream, something that people would actually watch. There's always an audience for cats... :P
More about me!
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