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Default Studio is broken, stream now inactive.

I can't seem to log into my studio, and when I reset my stream earlier today, the channel never even starts. Just like the studio, users attempt to connect, but are stuck at the "Tuning into..." message.

Does anyone know why this may happen? I noticed the problem started Thursday morning, Pacific time. The stream has been active since the problem started, and was working before I restarted, but for almost an entire day the number of users hung at 10, never dropped nor grew.

What can I do to fix the problem? I know this is most certainly not just my problem, as many users are having the same problem with connectivity.

EDIT: Try it out for youself:

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Your the Anime channel that always has their Webcam on :P Anywho, have you tried playing a Storyboard to maybe get it unstuck? Maybe something happened cause you usually have that webcam on so much XD You might even have to swap for a new channel and put it back on your website.
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thats just terrible. I cant even turn the channel on or either it will just go the browser slow. I hope it gets fixed.
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