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Default fullscreen not working?

I am sure fullscreen used to work yesterday, bascially any channel if I use fullscreen I get the fullscreen but the video is only small in the top left corner of the screen, the rest of the screen is just a background

I have flash 10 and the same on Firefox and IE and any channel
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Default Donīt worry ...

Hi! ...

Donīt worry ... itīs a Mogulus Player Problem right now ...

Fullscreen is not working ... and the player embed code for web pages show a perfect square player only ... making some problems for composing, waste of space upper and lower, etc...

We hope that Mogulus fix this soon ...

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Default Fullscreen Feature Functioning Properly

We had identified an issue with the Fullscreen Feature, which has now been fixed. We appreciate your patience in regards to this issue.

Rick Stern
Producer Support
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I'm having trouble using fullscreen on konqueror and firefox on ubuntu. It worked a couple of days ago, but now it just changes shape a bit (not the little box in the corner thing.) It's probably my limited linux skills, but was there a change on the mogulus end?
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