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Default Several days worth of videos gone since 6 hours ago?

I've been streaming almost daily for a month or so now. While I don't keep all my videos around due to space constraints, I prefer to delete old ones first. However my videos from November 7th to November 17th have vanished. I know for a fact they were all there just before noon EST, as I showed a few videos to my coworkers. Last week I got the message that I was close to the space limit and I purged a good 10+ hours of videos that were months old.

This is the first time this has happened to the stream. I know I didn't delete them. I know they uploaded properly as myself and another watched them last night and today from separate locations. The auto-pilot is showing 3 videos that were taken out of my auto-pilot queue at least a week ago. I also had an old overlay that up until a week ago would not allow me to delete it. It's almost as if the server holding my stream were backed up to an old save. This can't be right as none of the others I watch have been affected from what I can tell.

Is there any way to reclaim these videos? Should I expect this to happen again or was it a fluke? This certainly makes things difficult in trying to get a repeated viewer group in order to get verified.

Patiently waiting for a response,
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Today I wake to find it has happened again. I had two videos adding to about 2 hours that have straight up vanished. No error messages or anything. This is starting to get quite annoying.

Awaiting response,
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I have had this happen a few times, With two years of experience on Mogulus and livetream and producing over fourty channels for other people, I found this problem to be mostly my own fault.

The file management in studio can get flakey at times when you have a lot of videos.

Here is what I think may have happened to your videos. This problem can get much worse if you don't have a lot of memory, or you run other programs, or you have additional web pages open.

With a lot of videos in your recording folder, it can take 20 seconds to a minute to download a refreshed listing from the server. Not allowing enough time for the list to refresh can cause some really strandge things to happen. When you see one of these quirks, exit studio and re-enter.

One thing you will notice is that if you try to drag a storyboard and drop it between two other storyboards, it will end up being inserted 1,2,3 or more positions ABOVE the place where you droped it. When that happens, you may find that a storyboard you open does NOT habe the clips you expect it to have. Instead it displays clips from a storyboard 1,2,3 or more positions BELOW the opened clip. Worse. If you deleat a storyboard when this is happening you may actually be deleating a storyboard that is 1,2,3 or more positions BELOW the one you want to deleat.

Here is how I safely delete storyboards:
Refresh the browser and reenter studio.
Open the recordings folder under the file management TAB.
Start at the TOP of the list, and open any folder you want to delete. One at a time, delete each clip in that folder till the clip count on the folder goes to ZERO... !!! DO NOT DELETE THE EMPTY FOLDER AT THIS TIME !!!

Once you have emptied all the folders you want to delete, refresh the browser again, then, go back to the TOP of the list and delete all the empty folders from top to bottom. Do them in order from top to bottom, DO NOT SKIP ARROUND.

Since I started handling file management with this proceedure I have not had any more problems like the ones you are experiencing.

Most users probably don't need to wory about this, but you sound like you have as many recordings as I do.

Bob Grosh, Producer TallasseeTV.com
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