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Default Wireless camera and Mac


I'm sure this question has been asked and answered a 100 times but i can't seem to find where.

I'm trying to set up a simple Webcam from my garden and broadcast it live, a bit like a security cam. I have set up everything in Livestream and embedded the code into my website, now i just need to find a relatively inexpensive camera that works wireless with a Mac.

There must be many people that have done this already so I can't imagine I'm trying to reinvent the wheel.

Do the 2.4ghz security cameras work such as these - http://www.flyonthewall.uk.com/wirel...stem-p-77.html

or do i have to get an ip wireless webcam such as this - http://www.flyonthewall.uk.com/axis-...era-p-462.html


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I believe the first one will work but the second one won't.

If your mac has a av input and can stream from any vcr you plug into the mac using the av input, then the first camera will definitly work. It might also work using the usb cable, but the discription does not say that the camera provides standard drivers for usb.

The second camera includes a statemet that it will stream to "UP TO TEN VIEWERS" which means it has a built in server or includes a server. Usually ip cameras do NOT work with such programs as youtube's direct video upload, Ustream or livestream.
Sorry, but I do not have direct experience with those cameras so can only go by the specs you provided.

Wireless cameras are not ususaly compatable with streaming, non of the so called IP cameras I tried will work with live streaming and usually on work with sever they include.

For my garden railroad I simply did the following:
I use a all-in-Wonder TV video card, or a video Dazzler in a PC. These cards take a standard NTSC video from a VCR, DVD, or oldar camcorder via a RCA cable.
I use a camcorder that outputs NTSC video on a RCA cable.
I use a wirless radio video link from radioshack instead of a rca cable to connect the camera to the computer.
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