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Old 1st December 2010, 07:08
bobgrosh bobgrosh is offline
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ping to xtesta is 48 ms average , zero packet lost

adding the -t option to the ping command and leting it run from 5:30am till 6:00am (central time), TTL was 108, most of the time it reported 85ms, however every half minute or so it would take anywhere from 110ms to 208ms, sometimes for several pings in a row.

Bob Grosh Producer of TallasseeTV.com
Old 5th December 2010, 16:20
cseeman cseeman is offline
Livestream Community Help
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Bob are you saying that the ping increases every 30 seconds or so and that might be the cause.

It's a difficult issue to trouble shoot because it's not happening for everyone. I'm wondering if this is dependent on the location of the viewer and/or certain Livestream servers relative to specific viewers.

Is there any way you can correlate the periodic increase in ping time with the playback issues?
Old 11th January 2011, 10:41
54side 54side is offline
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Default same problem..2 years

I have had this problem everyday since I started broadcasting about 2 years ago. When I stream Live there are no problems at all, and actually when I watch my "On Demand" archive videos, I do not seem to have too many problems. The problem is when I try to view my 24/7 Autopilot. My video stops every 5 seconds ... literally...every 5 seconds. Being that it is a dj music mix show, it is impossible to watch and listen like this. It is not my computer speed, because I have tried from 3 different locations and computers...and my viewers have told me the same thing happens to them.
I actually put in a ticket about this when I first started, and they fixed something that same day...and it worked for about a week..and then started again. I went through the process three times, and then gave up reporting it. Not sure what they did to fix each time... but maybe they do. www.livestream.com/the54sideshow
Old 11th January 2011, 10:56
cseeman cseeman is offline
Livestream Community Help
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I watched for 10 minutes straight. It never froze for me. Maybe it's fixed again but it's fine on my end.
Old 31st January 2011, 10:51
aefox aefox is offline
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Default I think ...

I thing that Livestream knows about this problem ... was a problem from the very fundation of Livestream (Mogulus) ...

And never get any better ...

Auto Pilot it's just JAMED ... not smooth at all ... lagg a lot etc ...

No matter what ping, bandwidth or where you are connected ...

The problem it's yours! LIVESTREAM ... not from the users ... please!

And i hope you keep trying to fix this because it's about the 60% of the reason that we use Livestream .. may be more...

Old 31st January 2011, 11:08
benhomer benhomer is offline
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There isn't any known issue with auto-pilot playback currently so if you're having this issue it is something that we should be able to help you resolve by doing some basic troubleshooting. If you're experiencing issues like this please open a support ticket so that a member of our support team can work with you directly to resolve.

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auto-pilot issues, desyncronisation, freeze, lag, playback

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