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Old 18th October 2010, 18:44
TSLlol TSLlol is offline
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It still isn't the internet. Also it from time-to-time the lag stops and the videos play well (like they play well for me at the moment), but most of the time the lag is horrible. I don't know why the problem keeps coming back.
Old 21st October 2010, 18:07
smith3 smith3 is offline
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Default The same problem too.

Im from Spain. In my channel, the video / audio plays and stops every ten seconds or so... Some days works better, but generally is impossible to watch the channel without cuts.

Im using the free version, but Id like to get some help from Livestream.

My channel:

Old 22nd October 2010, 10:02
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Originally Posted by Henry_live View Post
Hello Everyone,

Please send us the following information to support@livestream.com so we can have a better idea of what the issue is. Also include a link to this thread.

-Open up command prompt of Terminal and type in the following: ping xtestx.api.channel.livestream.com
-Visit www.speedtest.net and send us the results of a test.
ok done for me
Old 31st October 2010, 15:07
rfactorgtt64 rfactorgtt64 is offline
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no response on mail

no news on forum

guys what's going on ?
Old 8th November 2010, 02:14
sxxygirlnads sxxygirlnads is offline
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Default the lags and freezing is out of hand

recording and playback lags and freezing ,a lot of people complaining about this ,why dont you guy`s fix it ,not because some have free channels ,you guys dont care ,you guy`s are loosing costumer because of this and other issue,why pay for a premium account and have the same problems,my viewers are complain and so am i ,and a lot of other people also,and please dont blame it on my connection, or people connections ,it livestream.,please fixx it..thanks.here is my channel www.livestream.com/dancehallvybz
Old 13th November 2010, 05:43
rfactorgtt64 rfactorgtt64 is offline
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some days its better but generally there is bugs
Old 15th November 2010, 00:20
cseeman cseeman is offline
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It's hard to trouble shoot general statements like this. There can be many causes. You have to provide specifics including Computer specs, settings
test results
Whether it's your system or your viewers seeing this or both.
What browsers you're using, etc.
It can even be related to your region and ISP so include both as well please.

It's kind of like say "I have a headache" it could be a bang on the head, a brain tumor, eye strain. We need a lot more than general symptoms. We need technical details so if several people are having the same issue we can tell if it's all a related problem or each is different.
Old 15th November 2010, 13:56
rfactorgtt64 rfactorgtt64 is offline
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how you explain that :

in some channels it's ok (live with a lot of viewers for exemple) and in other it's bug

to my mind there is a "overcharge" on livestream servers

it depends not of the viewer, we have test with about 20 different people with completly different configuration and they have both same troubles
Old 21st November 2010, 18:36
cseeman cseeman is offline
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rfactorgtt64, I'm not sure what you mean by some channels and not others.
Stream problems can be on the sending side, the viewer side, the server, the ISP. We have to look at all four to determine what the issue is.

Please run the two tests I asked for. That will determine if there's an upload issue. If there's an upload issue then it certainly would impact all the viewers for your channels.

The results of the above tests can change day by day or even hour by hour as some ISPs have unreliable service. You should test right before a stream. If you have a problem, stop the stream immediately and test exactly at that point.

I have to be methodical about this to determine where to go next.
Old 30th November 2010, 22:09
electronicmusiccafe electronicmusiccafe is offline
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Angry It's happening to everyone!

Originally Posted by cseeman View Post
Several people with the same issue but I need more details.

If you watch AutoPilot or VOD clips on other channels do they show the same issue?

If it's on your channel(s) only try downloading the clips and tell me how they play from your desktop.

Run this test as well. Ideally your results should be an "A" grade.
Did the test, sent it to the support email. This isue ishappening on every channel I wtch.
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auto-pilot issues, desyncronisation, freeze, lag, playback

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