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Question A few issues

First off, great work you guys do. Keep it up.

Anyway, we (being the website I come from) have a few concerns. First, we noticed that the on demand section that was featured on livestream pages is now gone, and replaced with a "videos" tab. The website we hosted our livestream on retained the on demand tab up until recently.

Is it possible to restore this feature? The best thing about on demand was being able to easily look up any video you wanted to see via the drop down menus, and still being able to see and participate in the chat at the same time. Now that is no longer possible. Thanks in advance.

Second, we as a channel save our clips via studio and youtube. In the rare instances that we lose clips from studio due to exceeding space, we have youtube. Unfortunately, anytime we upload a video from youtube to livestream, no matter what the quality was beforehand, it's turned into an absolute grainy pixelated mess, even HD ones. It's quite obvious when you can read the text on the original clip and not anymore after it's uploaded to livestream.

The final issue is the auto pilot. Whenever someone goes live when it is on a particular clip, that clip will always restart from the beginning, even if it is almost finished. This makes it impossible to use clips more than 15-20 minutes for fear of auto pilot stalling on one clip from being live so often. If there is a fix for correcting this issue, we would be much obliged if you did so.

Anyway, thank you guys for taking the time to read this. We are hopeful that a prompt reply is received!

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As usual, thanks for your immediate and helpful replies! I'm so glad we have such dedicated moderators on the forums!
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