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Default Release: Studio version 3.1.11 and Player version 3.1.15

We have released Mogulus Studio version 3.1.11 and Player version 3.1.11. This release includes several chat features:

- Mute viewers: This feature enables producers to do a live blog using the chatroom. Viewers will be able to see only what producers enter but cannot participate in chat.
- Producer Chat: This chatroom is only in the studio enabling producers to discuss privately while in the studio or leave messages for other production team members.
- Clear chat: Removes all past text in the chatroom.

You will also notice that due to popular demand we have returned the user list to the chatroom. Thank you to everyone who contacted us regarding this and other chat requests for all of your feedback and support.

Complete details on all of these additions can be found in the Mogulus userguide.

Mogulus Support
Ben Homer
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