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Default Cameras

Hello to all good Mogulus people. I am currently using a great little webcam (Logitch Pro 9000) for my broadcast,, but I want to move into a higher quality production. I want to puchase a nice digital video camera, but I am confused about which ones will work. I have one older digital camera that will connect to my computer via USB for file downloads but it doesn't seem to allow live video to my computer. I know Mogulus, in theory allows USB, Firwire, and DV input, but I am afraid of spending hundreds of dollars ona video cam to find out I bought one that won't broadcast live through Mogulus.

When i talk to the Best Buy camera guy I seem to get run-around answers to my questions. What are the magic keywords or camera capabilties must I look for?

Help please

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Default Cameras?

I am not an expert in this area, however I have some suggestions?
I use Panasonic PV GS500. Has firewire, usb (out to computer) Use Adobe Flash Encoder (Free) I suggest using one camera per laptop or computer..I use a third computer for the announcer/producer. With two cameras, one each, per computer, an operator can also do production on their computer? Might seem complicated, but the product is good quality, professional presentation. If you look on internet for the PV GS500 you can find good prices, sometimes about $600.00. Another good camera choice is the Panasonic AGV 20 also 3ccd mini cam, but costs range from about $900 to $1200. Hope this helps some?
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Default Cameras

Hell0 all, i'm new to mogulus and have yet to do a broadcast, but have been broadcasting live high school sports on my website since 2000. I actually use a video switcher and use three cameras sometimes. Switcher at walmart is like 12 bucks. I am looking for someone who knows how to embed a player on my site so when i do use mogulus people can simply click on my site and see the player runing and watch my games. I would be willing to pay someone to help me get this done. I use joomla for my website, so if you know joomla i'm sure it would be a snap for someone.

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Default Can't embed player?

I do not use Joomla, I use Word Press or create the page from scratch. Embedding the player is super easy. From your studio on Mogulus click on the Get Widget Tab. Copy the embed code go to Joomla and paste it where you want it. You may to switch to a HTML editor instead of a WYSIWYG editor. I have done that on our web site, www.gilman.k12.wi.us/gilmantv.

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Default Cheap Cameras

Hey all, I'm broadcasting for the first time this week, a high school sports tournament.

2 cameras Gigaware 2.0 Pixel ($50) via USB on two laptops/FME. Wireless networking.
1 camera Panasonic 9000 ($100) via USB on laptop/FME . Wireless networking.
1 laptop for a studio command center, wireless
Dedicated 5Mb down / 768 MB up DSL Line.

The camera's are good enough for basketball and look pretty good except the
autofocus freaks out anytime someone walks too close to them in the bleachers.

But the whole setup is worthless for cuing and transitions because there's a six
minute horrible lag between the videos output and the studio output.

Anyone seen this much lag?

If I go more pro, I'm getting a loooong firewire cable and some kids with streaming DV cams which are about $200.

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Question Logitech Pro 9000

Hello goldkoin or who have used the Logitech Pro 9000

I wonder if the camera really works to broadcast live via Mogulus Studio. I am to buy a web-cam and was just thinking of the Logitech Pro 9000. I give more references if you can really work well. Thanks already
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