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Exclamation Not Approved Again!

My channel has been rejected many times, We have filling all, but nothing, seriusly I'm thinking in change to ustream because my Audiencia is out of control.
We are a Radio and Tv Corporation (3 radios 1 TV) Im just trying to get verify one of them but nothing, for example in friday we will get a Live show with a Professional Conferencist, many peoples will conect from all Latinamerica, do you think guys that 50 limit of viewer will be enough? common, we need at last 500-1000.

So please, We need The help from somebody to get verify, Thanks

My channel is http://livestream.com/radiorestauracion

We got over 26,105.05 Viewer Hours

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Thumbs up Application Approved!

Ok everything is OK Now! My Application was Approved on time! Thanks Livestream, You Rock!
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Default Keep Getting Turned Down on Verification for Public Domain Content

I am beginning to get a little miffed that Livestream keeps turning down my verification of my channel with ALL public domain content, which is allowed to be shown, chopped up, sold, whatever. I have sent the listing of the movies from IMBD, the standard for the industry and even backed up with a report from Harvard. So what would you like to have? Be specific.
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Old 31st October 2010, 21:58
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Perhaps Livestream does not consider that legal proof that such movies are in public domain.

Open a support ticket and ask for the documentation they'd need or perhaps they'll give you specifics about the policy.

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I have NEVER had a problem geting verified. I have set up web pages for all sorts of organizations, Schools (football and other sports), Churches, Garden Clubs, Model Railroad Clubs, Radio Stations, Familys, TV Statons, Hospitals, Musical Groups, and even a Bigfoot watchers site.

In all, over 45 of them.

All but one went through on the very first request, and within one business day. (The one that didn't get verrified on the first try was because I mistyped the link to the embedded page. I re-submitted it and got it verified in less than an hour later.)

In addition, I have helped quite a few producers who set up their own channels and were NOT able to get verified. As soon as they gave me the channel owner password I was able to get their channel verified within one day.

For those channel owners the reasons for not geting verified were usually obvious.

Simply, Comply with ALL of the requirements.
In most cases, the channels were not verified because the owner had not followed the instructions. Be sure every field is filled in and every graphic is the proper image and file size.

Some problems I have fixed:
ALL the graphics MUST be submitted with EXACTLY the pixle size and be less than maximum file size requested.

There must be at least one recorded video in the auto pilot. I usually test their studio computer and get the owner to simply talk about what his intentions for his channel for 30 seconds or more. I put that "promo" in the auto pilot and remove the test screen that says "OFF LINE". Make sure the video discription is the same as the text discriptions on the verification form. You should think of the auto pilot on a NEW channel as a promo for your channel. Do put some 30 second highlights of your content and announcements for upcoming broadcasts. DON'T put a 4 hour screen capture of a video game or an entire football game, or a four hour long weather cam.

I put at least two videos in the "On-Demand". These are sometimes a simple as taking the laptop to some event simiular to what the channel is going to show. For example, A highschool that wants their football games on line, might have a 10 minute or less clip on Youtube of last years game. In a few cases I just uploaded highlights of a HS football game from one of my existing channels just for the verification process.

Remove from your channel's auto pilot and On-Demand any videos from Youtube or other sources that may lead the reviewer to SUSPECT that you might not own the copyright.

Make a good looking bug (300x300) and a card in the apropriate aspect, (320x240 or 512x288 for wide screen) Use the card and logo when you record the promo so it will display in the autopilot.

Customize the ticker and start it during the recording of the promo so it displays in auto-pilot.

Customize a lower third graphic and display it while recording the "promo" so it shows up in auto pilot and the beginning of the On-Demand videos.

Make sure the text discriptions for the vision of your channel match up with the video(s) you have on the channel. If you say you are going to show HS Sports, be sure the videos are of HS football, softball, vollyball. etc and not some dude siting at a pc typing.

Absolutely, Make sure you have embedded a viewer on a good, WORKING web page. If it is a new web page and you have just registered the URL, be sure you wait 72 hours for the URL to propigate to all the routers. Don't just paste the URL into the verification form as soon as the page shows up on your PC. You might even verify that the URL has propigated by calling a few friends in other states or countries and have them bring up your page.

Above all, remember, this is not youtube. It is not a place to dump a few of your favorite, unrelated, videos or stuf you like that you found on line.

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Exclamation Verification of my account


In about 6 hours i need my livestream account verificated because the event will start at that moment. It is a nationwide event with the livestream of livestream.com. Good exposure that way. The account is livestream.com/vincentariens.

I did everything what was needed for the verification, i hoop is will be verificated soon!

Thanks in advance,
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Did it get verified?
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Default verification

I am in the same situation now... about seven hours from now - I need a verification to open it to all the watchers. Anyone know how long verification usually takes? It was created about 1 1/2 day ago.
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1-2 days....depends on your stream usage!
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Default Application not approved for proteousx4

I dont understand this I have more content than most approved channels i have seen, my ondemand and autopilot are running content day and night, every live stream i do exceeds the 50 user limit, Why cant i get approval ?

yet there are channels with approval sitting dormant,

Livestream Free Channel Verification
Application not approved for proteousx4
Unfortunately, we cannot approve your application at this time, due to the following issues:

New, inactive or small channel:
The quantity of recorded / uploaded content on your channel is not developed enough to meet livestream.com publishing / editorial requirements. Please don't hesitate to re-submit when your channel grows.

To re-submit your application, please address any issues above before following the verification link from your 'My Channels' page. In the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy the Livestream Free service for your unverified channel.

Thank you.

The Livestream Team
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