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Default Acess denied

Dear All.

I have a problem i wil be glad to have someone help me out. I installed FMSS3 on my window vista. Both LIVE & VOD works fine only on this my vista laptop but never in another computer. Which mean i can see my live and vod via internet but never possible with another computer. I always get video Error 1000- unable to connect to server or to find flv on server. I tried to open all my possible ports 1935, 80,443. still no luck.

I then changed the my FMSS3 server to another XP computer in my home. Encorder installed in my vista can connect to my home ip. But the problem is now reverse. I connect my camera to my vista with encorder 2.5. i can connect to my xp and access my fmss3 but only my xp computer that i can access the internet and view my life applications. No luck on any other computer even my vista.

I also noticed that if i use my other wireless connection device i can connect to my fmss3 server when it was installed on my vista. But if i tried to connect with it to my home ip address it does work.

But with my home wireless network which have different ip from my vista and xp but are feed from the router then i can connect from my vista to my xp. But with another wireless device i cannot access my fmss3 installed on my xp. The other wireless devive is installed on my vista.

Can anyone help me out pls. Or should i contact my isp provider?

Thanks in advance
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You may want to read this http://www.adobe.com/products/flashm...ng/systemreqs/

I don't see Vista or XP as acceptable OSs for FMSS. In short you need to be running a "server" OS for FMSS to work. Now not to be a complete kill joy, you can try installing IIS ( Windows Information Server ) on your XP platform and see if that works. But it will still only allow 5 users at a time.
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