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Default Why must uploaded videos look terrible?

Here is my scenario:

I've been streaming Cataclysm beta over the last month and getting a great viewer base going. I recently deleted one of my VOD clips by accident. Luckily, I had a local recording of that clip, so I uploaded it in Studio.

The clip was recorded with a resolution of 1024x576, 12 FPS, 500 kbps. It looked great, and that's what the stream recorded at. So I uploaded the backed up FLV from my HDD to a storyboard, and when I checked on it, it's only 480 pixels across!? It looks terrible! I streamed (and recorded) a short 1 minute clip then, and downloaded the finished recording from Studio to my HDD, then uploaded it back up to the server. 480 pixels wide again!

I'm very disappointed in this; there's no point in backing up the videos, unless you want them to be 480 pixels wide @ 25 FPS. At that small of a resolution, the uploaded video is useless to me. Why can't we put in our own settings for this? I understand if they are limited to 500 kbps, but if I can record it live @ 1024x576/12 FPS, why can't I upload that ACTUAL recording up to the server and have it stay intact? The recording was MADE by Livestream.
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Really? A week and nothing?
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Which version of Procaster are you using? I would like to test this on my end.
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This isn't a Procaster issue. Record your stream, at say... 1024x576, 12fps, 500 kbps (482 video, 18 audio). Now download that clip to your HDD. Now upload that clip back up to your channel. It's 480 px wide now, 24ish fps, etc.
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