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Default Streaming Starcraft 2 problems

Hi, all. This is my first experience with using programs like procaster and I need some help to get it working properly.

I will start with my specs and then continue with what I done so far and the results I got.
Ok, lets begin.

I got:
Intel i5 2.66 processor
Ati 5850 1 gb graphic card
4 gb of dd3 ram
22" monitor with 1680x1050 resolution set up in windows and everything else I use.
Windows 7 64bit ultimate.
In addition to that I got a 4 Mbps/768 Kbps net speed.

I normally play Starcraft 2 on full (ultra settings) and it always works great no matter the number of units on the screen (I mention this because someone said when streaming with ultra settings my problems might be connected with the lack of "horse power" of my computer; which does not sound good to me since this computer is a beast and it cost me as much )
As far as I understand Procaster should not work "harder" if my game graphic settings are higher (only if the resolution is higher?! )

Anyways, lets move on to what I tried and what happened:
1. I left game settings as when I play without procaster. The settings in procaster I set up as close as possible to your guide here: http://www.livestream.com/userguide/...oprocaster.PNG I used Screen as the source of broadcast.
While I was in Windows everything worked great, picture, sound (I had about 2s delay but that is OK). I had a friend watch it on livestream and tell me how it all works (later on I watched it on my laptop).

Then I went into the game and then the watchers could see it blinking all the time on their computer. The picture would change from black screen to game and back all the time. Change would happen in less then a second.

1a. Then I tried to change some settings, like I put target frame rate to 20 and keyframe intervals to 10. Tried to put target bitrate to 300. None of this helped.
Tried to lower the resolution of the game to 1024x768 but it still blinked (and as I didn't change the windows resolution the watcher would see the game in one quarter of the screen and my desktop in the rest while I would only see the game; let me note here that only the game blinked, the rest of the screen was normal).

2. Then I tried to use Game as source instead of screen. I set the game resolution back to normal and I got a different result (somewhere around this time I set the aspect ratio to 16:9 from 4:3). It didn't blink no more but from the watcher's side the picture was very blurry (and barely watchable because of that). Before at least it would not be blurry.
I am not sure but I think I lowered the output here as well to try to get lower upload requirements.

So, I know this was long. Hopefully someone can read this wall of text and come up with a solution for me (I am noob in this kind of things). Basically, with my upload speed what kind of setting do I need to put for things to work.

Is my game/windows resolution a guilty party or is something completely different at work here. Just to mention my computer can run Crysis with full settings without a hitch.

Any help is welcome.

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Try setting your screen to 1024x768, start the game, stream in Game mode instead of Screen mode and tell me what happens. I'm not sure from your description that you tried that combination.
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I have not tried that, but I have been playing with setting a bit more with mixed results.

I have tried to stream with preset Normal quality (only then lowered sound quality a bit) and Game as source. Desktop resolution as well as game resolution stayed at 1680x1050. Starcraft 2 on ultra settings.

Stream works for a while, game fps stays at around 60 fps and stream fps at 22, but then starts dropping. Slowly at first and then more and more rapidly. I was watching the stream on my laptop to see how it all works. It was laggy at times but otherwise looked and worked OK.

Then at one moment the stream disconnects (says due to low fps) and reconnects on my computer but never on the watching one (laptop). I have to manually stop the stream and then start it again so I can continue to watch it on my laptop.

I also tried to do High quality preset and it didn't really work worse, but more like same with sudden unexplained drop in stream fps followed by the disconnect that does not truly reconnects until I do it manually.

Basically FPS drop starts to happen a few minutes into the game, but the game at that point is not intensive, there are no 50 units on the screen. At one moment I have 22 fps and next it is 16 then a minute later 9. Help?
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Again please try lowering your screen size.
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