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Default Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder

Hi, I'm in the process of putting a quote together for a client who is looking to open a network account.

Is the Blackmagic H.264 Pro Recorder compatible and a good choice to use with Procaster or should I be looking at another capture card.

The client would be using a new dual core Xeon based PC.

Many Thanks
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See if Procaster recognizes the card's pass thru video by connecting a source to it, and you should be good. Really any on-board capture card of decent quality will also do. You dont need to encode.

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Currently we are in the middle of having Blackmagic integration within Procaster. The cards we have tested on are the Decklink Studio 2, and the Intensity Pro. If at all possible for the time being I suggest using one of these cards. It should work for the device you specified, but again, we haven't tested on it, so I dont feel safe in recommending it quite yet
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Default Updated support for Black Magic H.264 Pro Recorder

The latest versions of Procaster (20.2.28 or 20.2.36) are working much better than 20.2.0, but I'm still having trouble getting Procaster to recognize our camera when paired over USB with our Black Magic H.264 Pro Recorder -- hardware which now has experimental support according to your release notes.

We currently keep our Canon HDV camera in SD mode and stream via a direct firewire connection to a year-old MacBook Pro running Procaster on OSX 10.6.8. We'd like to use the black magic device as a middleman in hopes of allowing us to stream while the camera is in HD mode.

We've confirmed the Black Magic device works when connected over USB and using its native capture software, but in Procaster our camera still fails to appear in the device drop-down menu under the same conditions (and with no other programs running). I currently have Procaster 20.2.36 installed.

I know the support label is still experimental but presumably you guys have had some success. Was it under similar conditions? I'd love to troubleshoot with you if possible.

Thanks very much!
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