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Default Audio Stream

Okay, my problem is that I can't get an audio stream working.
What I'd like to be able to do would have my viewers hear sound, with me hearing some other audio

I'm streaming a videogame and want my viewers to hear the music from the Videogame, but I want to hear music from say Winamp

Any thoughts?
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Default Use 2 Audio Cards ...


i think the only way to do that is using 2 sound cards ...

A soundblaster on the pci port ... and the build in sound card of the mother board for example ...

in that way you can config the game to use the mother board sound card and your streaming too ...

And config WinAmp to use the output audio for the other sound card (soundblaster)

Of course you will need to connect your headphones or speakers on the sound card that itīs using WinAmp ...

But people will listen the game only ...

hope this help ..

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Thought that too. It works, to a point.
I started to use FME as my stream source, instead of studio. I can stream using FME, and all audio etc. is fine. However, I wish to use the studio for some minor effects but can't. This really being due to hearing audio from what is being streamed on the studio.
Is there any way to mute the audio from being played in studio so I'm able to hear it and not get horrendous feedback?
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