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To Whom It May Concern:

If Mogulus would incorporate an audience call-in feature, this would help influence the audience's experience, and encourage more active participation. This call-in feature would help the broadcaster as well as the audience alike, and encourage more of a community feel.

Other services such as www.nowlive.com have incorporate video, call-in, and call-in recording into there broadcast services along with all the the other benefits and services in which they offer. In addition, www.blogtalkradio.com has already incorporated audience call-in and call-in recording, and I believe at the first part of the new year (2009) they will be incorporating video into their services as well.

Essentially, there are two different models in which Mogulus could incorporate this function into your existing services: (1) assign each broadcaster his or her own dedicated phone number (DID), or (2) establish a phone system for the entire network and use a pin system or show ID to call in to a specific show. (Do not overlook such features as call screening, the ability to host up to five (5) or more calls at once, the integration of session initiation protocol (SIP), and integration with Gizmo and Google Talk, which is most helpful to the broadcaster.) My opinion, the latter would be most effective, a dedicated phone number.

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I believe I heard at this weekend's NME Convention in Las Vegas that a call-in function may be on the road map as a future feature here at Mogulus. For now, check the FAQ on how to do this with a current set up.

As an alternative you may want to consider that viewers can now dial into your studio via the built in camera on a cellphone by setting up an account at http://qik.com. This requires that you give them a log-in to your studio, however. The qiker's cell phone will appear as a camera source in your studio, of which you can then cue up as a source into the main viewer. AFAIR, the qik software works only on Nokia or jail broken iPhones. It also has a chat function, that shows the chat from your Mogulus channel on the cell phone's display in real time. I've tried this and it all works.

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