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Default Upload failed

I converted my video to Avi or wmv. But sometimes I get the error: Upload failed. My video length is under 400MB. Anybody has an idea on how i can improve that problem?
Thanks by anticipation.
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It has happened to me as well. I just try again.
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This is what I know from the support section: the file format mogulus is compatible with is mov and wmv, the size must be 320X240, on mov files the compression with best results is h264 and audio is mp4 but they don't say anything about compression on wmv files. I'm using wmv because is faster to encode but I'm having problems playing live and on demand. The video compression that I'm encoding wmv is wmv9 and audio 32 and 22 kbs, 22 khz Stereo CVR/av (if memory serves me). Sometimes I don't have problems with smaller size files but largers ones I got too many playing pauses or blank video, I think all the issues we are experiencing is because mogulus is going to upgrade soon to mogulus pro and they are working "behind" the running servers we are using.

Perhaps you should consider one possibility: I noticed when I was trying uploading a video that I forgot the title of the video and minimized mogulus in order to search the video and type the correct name, when I restored mogulus, the studio was not responding and I had to log out and log in and I did nothing else but typing the title, description and tags. Only once I had problem with the upload process and it was similar to the minimize mogulus window problem, this time I wanted to monitor live broadcasting and when I came back to upload, everything looked normal but when the upload finished there was no message about the upload ending, I noticed that the browse button was active like there was no selection of upload file. I restarted the upload process with same results, so I decided to log out and log in and start over again and it worked!!!.

So for me, the key is not to interrupt the upload process from the title data entry to the selection of the file to upload (browse button) and wait for the server import in case you have to import or retry.
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