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Unhappy FLV Audio/Video Sync Issues

Why is it that FLV files (uploaded or imported) the video always lags behind the audio. It gets progressively worse as the video goes along. The FLV movie plays just fine on any FLV player and it plays fine when I upload to my website and watch it there using an FLV web based player.

Just a note that these videos are not from YouTube. Those seem to import just fine using the built in import feature. It's when you use your own FLV movie or one from another site.
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I figured out the probelm. When you upload an FLV file it re-encodes it again. When it does that it makes the audio and video out of sync. Why is Mogulus re-encoding FLV files? You should be able to upload it and play it as is. Encoding should only be used if it's something other than an FLV file.
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If FLV files are encoded to our specs you can use the "use uploaded file as master" option to avoid the video being transcoded. More details on this and Mogulus encoding specs can be found here: http://www.mogulus.com/userguide/ind...Video_Settings

In general transcoding shouldn't cause audio to go out of sync. If you send us an e-mail at info@mogulus.com we can work with you directly to try and determine why that's happening.

Mogulus Support
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Talking Same Issue with video in Sync

I have had the same problems its like watching a 1950' Godzilla Movie! And of special note I went by Mogulus specs to the letter. I removed the uploaded files as they would have been embarrasing
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