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Default Upload speed issues.

Hello, firstly I'd just like to mention that I greatly appreciate Livestream and it having a free option, and the Procaster making it much easier is an absolute godsend. I love that Livestream have made it possible for anyone to have a stream on the net and I am truly thankful for that.

The problem I am experiencing is with upload rates. I noticed that in the faq it was suggested that 700kbps or higher would be an optimal upload rate for high quality streaming. I record on average about 800 - 900 kbps upload speed to nearby servers.

Yet for some reason, when streaming I cannot stream any faster then 250 kbps (at an average of 200). This is annoying as I have people viewing my stream complaining about the quality regularly.

I have forwarded port 1935 for UDP/TCP to no avail, and am wondering if Livestream has problems with high speed Internet transfers from Oceania?

Thanks, Rhys.

Edit: Upon the rare occasion that I can consistently stream at 300kbps, the stream appears just as choppy as when I would stream at 50kbps.

This is the lowest reasonable setting (visual wise) that I am trying to achieve.

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