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Question Linking Procaster into LiveStream's Studio

Iíve been invited to produce a live segment for an existing show producer and I received Livestreamís email stating so. My segment will include a Powerpoint Slideshow, broadcast using Livestreamís Procaster, interspersed with Live 2nd camera on my workbench for show-and-tells.

The existing showís producer has setup everything in his Livestream Studio to allow me to successfully log into his Studio and I've done so.

Hereís the problem: Once logged into his Studio, I fire up Powerpoint, then Procaster. I validate that Procaster is seeing my primary camera and computer screen. At this point I expected to see my Camera show up bound to (Procaster) in his Studioís Sources (camera tab )window. Instead, only my camera, without Procaster in parenthesis, shows up. In fact when trying to activate the camera it indicates that my primary camera is already in use.

Iím sure itís something Iím doingÖ.Iíve not seen anything in the FAQs about this kind of problem.

Howard (MyHobbyCorner)
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Using both Procaster and the studio on the same computer will give you trouble. I would use one computer to stream the desktop, and another to stream PPs, then switch between the two in the studio. There may be some software that you can use to switch between the two on one computer like WebCammax, Manycam, or CamTwist, but you will have to try them out.

Hope this helps,

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One issue is that a device (camera for example) can generally be acquired by only one program.

This would mean if you want to use Procaster for both the camera and to stream the PP from your desktop you would first have to start Procaster with camera connected to your computer and then Go Live with Procaster before going to the Livestream Studio.

Make sure you first go to Procaster Preferences Livestream Audtomatically go live when broadcasting and set that for how you want it to behave.

If you disable that you can use the Studio to control when it is live. If you enable it, it will go live as soon as you click Go Live button in Procaster.

Hook camera to computer
Open Power Point
Open Procaster
Set Preference depending on how you want it to behave
start Procaster Go Live
Go to Studio if you want to control it there or it will already be live if you set it to do that in preferences

The other way is doing it with two computers as Dave mentions. Then you can cut back and forth in Studio instead.
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