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Default Can't stream and other streams won't play

Recently i've been unable to watch any stream from livestream, the player shows the connecting animation with the slideshow of the stream working well but this seems to go on forever without it ever succesfully connecting

I've tried to stream using the latest procaster, but i get the error message "Error connecting to RTMP server"

This problem comes up with my home connection but i've tried another connection somewhere else and the problems do not come up so this is most likely an issue with my internet connection.
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Try going to http://speedtest.net, and post or embed the results here.
I would recommend 1Mbit download and equal or 750k upload at the very least, depending on what you are streaming.
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Also try this test from the same company.
it will show the stability and quality of your internet connection.

BTW once you've done that and if both those test look good, go to YouTube and see if you can view the videos there.

That will tell you if it's just an issue you're having connection to Livestream streaming or whether it is a more general problem.

If the speedtest looks slow or the pingtest doesn't give you an A or maybe at least a B, then you may need to contact your ISP.

If those tests show good number then, if you're using a router, disconnect it and connect your broadband modem directly to your computer. Power off the computer and the modem. Power on the modem and make sure all the connect lights are on. Then power on the computer. Then check to see what happens when you try to view a Livestream stream and then try to stream.

This will tell you if maybe it's the router settings at issue.
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