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Default freq of ads

I checked out the Freedocast...and the problem with it is, that you have to sign up and be a member to view broadcasts. I don't want people to have to sign up to watch my show.
I'm currently looking for a new streaming program... because although I hate to give up the livestream features ... I will not deal with the ads cutting me off any longer. It is now cutting away every 5 minutes to a 30 second commercial while I am broadcasting. (see pst "Ads are out of control").
I've given it a few weeks to change..it has actually gotten worse, and obviously Livestream does not plan to do anything about it. If by months end, its not changed... I will have a fresh start on a new site for July. I could deal with a 30second ad when people first log onto the stream, and then I could deal with the small black box that allows soeone to click on "ad" every so often (like it used to be)..... but i'm not bothering to do shows with commercials popping up every 5min.
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I'm not management, just a helping hand, but I have been here a long time. They are constantly tweaking and changing things to ensure a viable business model. I do think they're still tweaking things. Keep in mind that if they shift how some things work it can take some time to made the coding back end changes.

I know people would like no advertising at all but more realistically maybe make suggestions and how you think advertising might work. Some of the threads make interesting suggestions and I do think they're listening and thinking. Thinking this through can be very complicated for a business. Once a decision is made, making the coding changes can also be complicated . . . and then they find they need to change again.
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Thank you cseeman, I appreciate your perspective.

I have perhaps a unique perspective on it because I have worked professionally in programming/SEO/Optimization AND Media Sales for a website.

While I agree with most of the points you make, my personal frustration here is the lack of willingness by the Livestream management to communicate with it's members. It's pointless, and it's unprofessional.

I'm sure I and many other folks could make perfectly reasonable, logical suggestions on how to approach the advertising, I seriously doubt they are paying any attention to them at all, despite your faith in them.

The loud, obtrusive ans constant ads interrupting live content smack of desperation, not careful thinking.

I still stand behind what I wrote. Livestream, if you are in fact thinking about how this ad strategy can be lucrative to your bottom line, consider the impact that these ads would have if they were run two to three times during every youtube video someone watched. Or every time someone posted a reply to a thread on facebook an ad would pop up like these, loud and unable to be closed. How long would it last?
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Maybe some plans that are more affordable that change the frequency of ads without all the other stuff. That way we don't have to break the bank.
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Default Leave livestream

We at Radio 4/4 is now going to look for a different streaming solution, We just cant have it like this!

And don't tell us to get premium, premium for our channel would cost about 50.000 usd A MONTH (!!!???)


We understand that livestream needs ads to roll around, but why not put them longer in the beginning and then let it stream without interuption.
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Default Ad complaints

Last night during our show (Roughly 1 hour) we had numerous complaints about the ads. Like many have said, I get it. You need to make ad revenue. But at this point, I have to look at another place to host the show if my viewers will all end up pissed off.

Now that may be no big deal as my account is free but I think content is what you guys want. I hope someone is addressing this.
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chaoticradio, they will certainly listen. They are thinking about how to handle advertising. Nothing is set in stone. Livestreaming services are still a "new frontier" and they are always looking at their business model. Please do contact them and be civil. Suggest solutions.

fewtoomany, You should also contact them about how you think advertising should be handled. If you approach civilly and make suggestions they do listen.
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Default preserving the live experience

Yeah, full-screen commercials overrunning live programs without warning or synchronization just won't be acceptable. I don't think any of the free service users would mind the lower-third-type ads, even if they had to run nearly constantly, but the break-ins need to be restricted to the beginning of a viewer experience.

Everyone respects the need to monetize on the free platform, but if constant commercial INTERRUPTIONS are the only solution - game over guys.
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Thumbs down

Im starting to think they arent listening.
The ads are ever more ridiculous now and are interrupting my live radio broacast. I know for a fact I have lost viewers of my weekly radio FM radio show.
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Angry There HAS to be a better way...

I am seriously considering heading to U-STREAM by mid-July.

I cant afford to lose any more listeners and viewers as it took my co-host and I, a good time to build up an audience. My plan was to eventually be in a position to afford a premium service, but there is NO way we can do this when were LOSING listeners to the current Ad configuration!

Every Monday, I produce a weekly FM radio show based in New York City. We run the audio from the board to the computer's input to ensure we have cystal clear audio with our LiveStream Camera feed.

I use our livestream.com/sugatreats link to "monitor" the broadcast (on mute) as well as interact with Chat, Facebook, and Twitter. These loud UNRELATED commercials suddenly come on, with NO way to control the volume outside of clicking out of the browser/tab.
Listeners have been complaining AND sadly leaving.

There HAS to be a better way to implement the Ads for those of us still using the free version of Mogulus/Livestream. I wouldn't be sticking around and dealing with this if I didn't believe in Livestream

These ads are killing our online audience listenership and participation.

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ads, full screen, lag, no audio

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