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Yeah, and look how many people are angry about it and it seems that livestream team are not interested in new customers and broadcasters cause they dont even reply or try to help... or think about another way!? i hope they do... i still got my account active but broadcasting on another site at the moment, really hope they fix this BiG PROBLEM!!! Thanx
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Old 26th May 2010, 01:05
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The ads have gotten insane as of late. It used to be bearable, like any of the commercials on TV. Now the ads jump up every few minutes randomly and they are particularly loud. I understand that you guys need to pay the bills, but this has got to stop.
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Old 2nd June 2010, 13:55
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I agree. This is really ruining the listeners experience and defeats the purpose of livestream.
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Old 7th June 2010, 13:02
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Unhappy Ads are now out of control!!!

Let me start by saying... I am going to be fair here and I understand Livestream makes money advertising while giving out the free service... however...it is out of hand now!!

When I first started about a year ago when it was Mogulus.... there would be an Ad on the bottom of player that viewers could choose to click if they wanted to view (very acceptable). Then came livestream,..The next phase had the Ad on the bottom of the screen pop up by itself every 10-15 minutes or so during a live broadcast, and viewers could choose to "x" out or minimize the ad (still acceptable). The next phase was still keeping the ads below on the player...but now adding a full 30 second video commerical when the viewer first starts to view the show (a bit annoying...but acceptable because it does not interfere with the live broadcast once they are watching).
Next phase/current phase...the commercials start airing in the middle of the live show every 10 minutes, and the literally cut away from our live broadcast to show a full 30 second commercial with sound!! Not only do we have no control when these air (so we cant go to a break and stop our convo on air)...but these are RANDOM to each viewer!! (Unacceptable). when these annoying commercials are NOt airing...the bottom of the screen ads are now WAYYY more intrusive, as they make noises and take up half the screen.

I can understand for a free service...you need to advertise. You already advertise on the actual page itself..and ad on the bottom of the screen...and before the viewer can watch the show. HOWEVER.... to RANDOMLY interrupt a live broadcast continuously, is ABSURD!! And then to have huge ads pop up on the bottom of the screen with noises, and energizer bunnys running across the screen??

This last show was OVER The top!! We continuously had viewers asking us to repeat ourselves, because the live feed broke away for commercial...and each viewer was getting the commercials at seperate times. It is IMPOSSIBLE to now run a LIVE show.
If you want to advertise uncontrably on archives or auto feed...cool.. but during a LIVE broadcast is rediculous!!!

I have put up with the ads long enough...and we now are losing viewers and it is pointless to carry on our show continuously interrupted. If this problem still exists during our next show...we are off to Ustream or one of the other services.

Its been fun.... but its getting out of control!!
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Old 9th June 2010, 21:46
cseeman cseeman is offline
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I do think Livestream is at least pondering how to make this manageable for producers. I can't speak to the outcome but they do hear you.
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Old 11th June 2010, 21:31
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we have a event going right now 9:28pm est today....and told about the ads...dont think DO something PLEASE.
Live events are meant to be LIVE...if we got a chance to pause when these things are coming its not they should not come that way sigh
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Old 12th June 2010, 20:13
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Default Freq of ads

The ads wouldn't be so bad if each viewer go the ad at the same time AND it let the producer know the ad was about to happen. That way we could prepare to hold our conversation for 30 seconds. Right now, the ad pops up in the middle of the conversation for one person but not for the other..so I keep talking unless someone tells me "AD!"

Ads are fine. Even if they are every 10 minutes like commercials, but they need to do it consistantly for everyone and warn the producer. Otherwise, we'll be moving somewhere else as well. I can't even hold a reasonable discussion group as it is.
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Old 13th June 2010, 11:05
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Default Lets try this again. Ads run every 5 minutes.

Ben, I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a response from you that doesn't dodge the question.

Over the last month I and MANY other users have had our live broadcasts and streams interrupted again and again sometimes as often as every 5 minutes by video ads.

It's NOT a matter of relevance. It's not a matter of campaign targeting to keywords and you know it.

So stop giving "stock" answer about "we're working to optimize the ads" I have seen the exact same response, word for word posted by you on 2 different threads. Now, not only is Livestream making it's service less desirable but your also insulting the intelligence of your users. If your only going to copy and paste your answer again then your only going to prove your critics right.

The bottom line is, you are up-ing the frequency of the ads to generate revenue. But here's a clue, your ads are invasive and no one will click through to buy your sponsors products when the ads are invasive. All your going to do is drive people away and leave your sponsors unsatisfied with your click through rates.

People who eventually make their way to Livestream as I did, so so because on the surface the site appeals to those who are tired of the immature antics on sites like Ustream and others. People who come here are serious about wanting to produce quality entertainment and not all of us have the financial positioning to pony up $400 a month to be ad free.

I'd be willing to bet a lot of producers are like me and want to see Livestream succeed. We would have no problem working with ads if they were fair and reasonable. We want to be a part of why this site is successful.

But Livestream loses credibility in an instant when you blatantly interrupt broadcasts with LOUD obtrusive ads that interrupt content. I even read one post where the channel producer was doing a live stream for students in an educational setting and the ads disrupted the process multiple times.

Is THIS the kind of professional image Livestream wants to project to potential users and visitors?

I challenge you Ben, or someone from Livestream's management to act like professionals and answer this thread with a real answer. Stop the nonsense and explain yourselves to your users.
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Old 14th June 2010, 07:29
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Anthony from Opie and Anthony has spent 20 minutes talking about how much he hates this on their Sirius XM show today.
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Old 14th June 2010, 07:52
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Default Advertising Free BROADCASTING..!!

Now we can have advertising free BROADCASTING and that too FREE..!! Yes, I used to use this platform of livestream for broadcasting and watching channels but these advertisements used to bugg me like anything guyss... I came across a very famous website and it really is bettter when it comes to broadcasting.. you can broadcast all your events and moments LIVE online across the globe. I am telling this as a user. I used it and the experience was phenomenal. It is very simple and very user friendly website.

So, I thought I should promote this website to all of my friends over here. They have claimes it and I totally agree to their quotation of, "Stop BROADCASTING..!! Start FREEDOCASTING..!!

Visit : www.freedocast.com
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ads, full screen, lag, no audio

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