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Default Can't watch any stream

I'm trying to watch some stream here, but the video shows as if it were loading. The stream however doesn't show anything else besides this. I tried on both Firefox and IE and in more than 2 different streaming pages, but nothing worked. I don't believe any particular software caused this since it started today and I haven't updated or installed anything new on my computer. I already searched about it on the forum but couldn't get a solution to my case. Can somebody help me to figure what's going on?

Note: I gotta mention that the sound on the stream is not working as well.

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Default Problem solved

Apparently it was only a temporary bug, everything is normal already.
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I've seen situations where the Flash browser plugin will crash. The browser otherwise behaves normally. When the plugin crashes it'll impact all the browsers on the system using the plugin.

I find the most reliable way to fix this is to reboot the computer. It's an annoyance but the plugin crash doesn't happen that often.
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bug, can't view video

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