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Default Some Success

In the past I have had issues with both my setup and Mogulus. I have been vocal with my complaints about Mogulus, so I thought it only fair to report when things went right.

I streamed a high school football game Saturday using 2 cameras and I was able to switch between them smoothly. I had a peak of 60 viewers (I know not many but it is a start) with at least 40 at all times. There was some lag between live and what was on the web, as much as 25 seconds, but that is probably network traffic so I didn't worry. A few viewers commented that they tried to watch the game on my channel and listen to the radio broadcast for play by play and the lag was unacceptable.

I used a wired connection from the press box back to the school. Last time that had been an issue,but I re-made the connections and was getting full T1 speeds in the press box. I stream using FME2.5 with the compression set to medium quality VP6. As this was our school's last football game I will have to wait until next year to work on a wireless link between the field and the school. Next on to basketball.

Our next goal is to try video switching locally and then only sending one feed to Mogulus. Hopefully that will allow us to increase our quality settings and still not fill our T1.

All in all as my knowledge of Mogulus increases and as Moglus continues to improve, things are getting better. I am still looking forward to Pro to see pricing and features. However as of now the service works and meets my needs.

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Thanks for the feedback Mark, please keep it coming.

Mogulus Support
Ben Homer
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