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Default Please Fix This

Starting with beta 2.027 I can not start procater when Arkaos Grad VJ is running and has control of my Blackmagic Intensity card. The procaster crashes when trying to open the audio engine, or so it says. This is a MAJOR problem for me as I use GrandVJ as my main app for broadcating. I've been waitign and testing every version of procater and this issue must be fixed or I have to go to another method to do this.

Also, the mac version quality is improving but there is a small pause about every second in the stream and the frame rate is always 3-4 frame below what I set it to.

How can I help fix this, I am sending in my crash reports witm my email but so far the issue has persisted for the last 3 betas.


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thank you very much for your post, this is very helpful. We will try to solve the problem and get back to you with a new version.

can we assume that with 2.0.24 it is working?

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