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Default Cannot Uninstall

I don't know if there's already a topic with this. I don't have the patience to check through 20+ pages right now.

I have Windows 7.

Not only is there no uninstall option, but many of the files in the program refuse to delete. Since I couldn't uninstall, I went to program files to delete it manually.

Procaster file and 6 (or more) files refuse to delete, saying that they're open in another program and to close the program before trying again.

I have nothing else open.

I don't want it anymore, I'm tired of it crashing my computer every time it auto-starts upon computer startup, (No option to get rid of that, either) it takes up too much CPU, I don't use it anymore, and I just want it gone. Right now. I'm really starting to think its some sort of spyware program because of this.

How do I delete it so I can move on with my life instead of waiting YEARS for my computer to start? Nothing loads until procaster has. -_-;
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I suggest you don't manually delete your installed files since Procaster probably placed files in other directories and made a few registry entries.

Install the latest version of Procaster and it should overwrite the existing one, then try uninstalling.

Also, just so you know, you can disable Procaster at startup via msconfig. Don't know why they don't have an option to disable it through Procaster itself though |:
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Also in the Control Panel of Windows 7, there is the Programs option, where it will give you the ability of uninstalling any programs on your computer.
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I'm having the same problem and I'm about ready to sue livestream I suspect they are using this 'podcaster' thing as a way to enter virus's onto your computer. What kind of program doesn't show up on the control panel and doesn't have an uninstall file, and doesn't let you delete certain files? Viruses. I'm getting pissed off.
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Hey, it will be listed under "Livestream Procaster" if you can't find it, let us know.
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uninstall procaster

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