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Default Help using mogulus Studio

Hi, im helping a friend run a small business sponsoring teams for competetive gaming. basically, i saw mogulus on a site and really liked its interface and wanted one for our site.

i just started my channel and im having extreme problems getting anything to work. im not very good at it and all the diferent options are confusing, can anybody help me?

all i really want is it to randomly start up a video when somebody goes to our site, like i see it doing on others, and also have a vod section in the menu, where it lists all the different sections and videos that are on it. i dont want to get into live streaming or anything like that right now, i just want to know how to get a few videos of games on there and a music video or two, can anybody help me with a walkthrough or something?

aim is lampman1530 or reply here thanks.
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Make a storyboard and name it "Random Storyboard #1" then add all the videos you want into it.

Then click on the tab "Control Auto-Pilot" and click and drag your storyboard into it - Then your done.

The videos won't be random, but the people watching them won't know the difference unless you only have like a few videos and they are watching it non stop.

When you Upload/Import a video, make sure to choose the "use uploaded file as master" option, or else the video will be shown in poor quality.
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